Confirmed Hovercraft (possible bad concept-art)

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Awhile ago, (some of you regular forum prowlers might know,) I posted my idea for an in-game semihovercraft. Since I've heard recently that a hovercraft has been a confirmed eventual implement, I thought that I might as well share my original vision because why not. (Note that while I am working on a concept art, I will have to do some digital editing to make it not look like complete absolute horse radish).

I posted this partially because I'm an annoying person who wants to make it perfectly clear to everyone else that they might have been responsible for at least something like .04% to .4% of the dev's decision ;)

For those who have the time to read semi-lengthy chunks of writing, I'll basically describe what I originally thought of the moment the word 'hoverbike' and for that matter 'land-bound-vehicle':

Step One: Imagine a snowmobile, but make the nose of the vehicle somewhat spherical, cut out cylinders on the sides for headlights, and replace the ski bits with horizontal ice-skate blades, (if ice skates were used as broadswords by barbarian warchieftans).

Step Two: Saw it in half across its middle, get a brick, bend half of it at a 135-degree angle and round the top out to a soap bar shape, (with one end a bit more spherical than the other,) and smush the derp skate-mobile into the base of the giant bar of soap derp brick.

Step Three: Add twin ion drives, (each on the opposite side from each-other along the axis made by the place at which the soap bar thingy bends)

Step Four: Run your Seamoth into something really sharp and make sure that the steering wheel survives

Step Four point Five: Take your late Seamoth's steering wheel, and use it as a lever to remove your derp soap mobile's current handlebars, and then put your can-opener Seamoth wheel in the handlebar's place.

Step Five: (Alterrify it) Add a big, un-attractive orange warning label (which no-one can actually read) on either side of the thing and install a bunch of useless hatches so as to inspire a bunch of crackpot game theories in the forums.

Step six: Enjoy your flying iceskate bar.
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