Well Done.

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Hey all.

I was just watching a video of Subnautica from back in 2015. I thought to myself at one point that how far this game has come and I just want to say to all of the Subnautica developers and staff that you guys have just done an absolutely great job with this game. It really is one of a kind and I am glad this game has the type of community where I can be happy and not worry about such a negative, pessimistic and depressing community and environment. During the video at one point the player went to the island where the precursor gun usually was but at the time he was playing it the gun had not even been added yet and the lithium still looked like a pink crystal at that point (For those who may not know but Lithium used to look like a pink crystal in Subnautica). But yeah anyway once again I would just like to thank the Subnautica developers and staff like seriously you guys have done such a good job with this game and I am looking forward to what else will be added to the game in future. :)


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    *Grabs my Cuddlefish army*

    *hands them pompoms*

    *Cheers UWE on*


    Yes, thank you UWE. The experience is amazing. Here's to a DLC and sequel even better than the first!
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