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I was so disappointed that I had to leave all of my stuff behind when I launched my rocket. My Cyclops was a mobile base. I had probably 20 wall lockers full of stuff on it. I had a growth bed for my food and water source, fabricator, radio, first aid kit, battery and Power Cell Chargers. I had everything on that thing that I needed to play this game. So much time went into harvesting resources to fill all those lockers, it was sad to see them go when I launched. LOL

I actually expected the rocket to be much harder to build. I expected a lot more resources to go into that that actually did. I had everything I needed to build it when I started, including 10 ion power cells. The fact that it only took two was rather surprising. Now I just need to find out how I'm going to come up with 1 trillion credits so I can land back at Alterra! Rofl

How did you guys design your colors and name? I'm curious what names you came up with.

Seamoth: Little Geek
Cyclops: Big Geek
Prawn: Bottom Dweller
Rocket: Godspeed

I took the names big geek and little geek from the movie Abyss. Always made me chuckle.
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