A use for sonar

BlueBottleBlueBottle Australia Join Date: 2018-02-03 Member: 236674Members
In practice the seamoth' sonar doesn't seem to be all that necessary. In caves its range seems no more than visual (was it nerfed somtine?)

In any case, I never feel it's worth giving up a valuable upgrade slot for. That seems a shame since it's a fancy little bit of tech.

What would be really nice (maybe in the arctic expansion) is to have biomes where sonar might really be needed.

I can imagine something like the bloodkelp rift but fully infested with crabsquids. Because light makes these guys so aggro you'd have to slowly traverse that area by sonar alone - spooky.

Another way to it would be saturate an area with a fog of light-reflecting particles of creatures (jellyfish?) that restrict the range of the moth's headlights to only few meters.

What think you?


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