(ns2 basics) "LOOK AT YOUR MAP!" - for what? (mini-tutorial)

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“Look at your map, N00B!”

You will often hear higher skill players say things along the lines of “look at your map more” or “check your map” etc… but they never seem to explain WHAT you are looking for. So here is a list to (hopefully) help speed up your improvement.

1. Are any lanes open? (What is a lane and what is lane-blocking? - https://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/154215/want-help-with-the-basics-of-ns2-as-a-marine-look-here/p1?new=1)
2. Are any of your RTs under attack? And if so, is someone already on their way to deal with it? (especially when spawning, defending your naturals is YOUR job.)
3. Is combat happening? (if there is, are you close enough to get to it to help your teammate, or so far away that you should pressure elsewhere instead?)
4. Where are the aliens? (did you see an alien heading in the direction of something that is currently undefended? Call it so people know, Or if the alien is going towards someone that may be unaware of their approach? TELL THEM! "BOB, Incoming from Hub" etc)
5. Does the commander want something building? (if so and you’re close by, build it… as long as you or your teammates aren't getting your faces bitten off at the time building is a good option.)

Feel free to ask questions, help out, provide more info etc
If i've missed anything, chip in guys!


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    A funny tidbit, kinda typical for NS is, we tend to run around with the map open. The map is the best source for information about the battle and information is what wins wars :D
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    I thought this was going to be you upset about a rookie asking why they should look at their map. I am pleasently suprised
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