Farming at Depth

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Hi there Paddlers,

I'd be surprised if this hasn't been covered already, but why not really flog a dead horse? If farming was linked to light-levels then choice to build at various depths would take on some significance. Building styles would also develop in response to the environment.

In brief:
a) De-activate indoor plant growth, other than in glass compartments,
b) Link plant growth-rates with the de-bug panel's 'local sunlight' scalar, now used for solar power-plants. (Except that solar still works in pitch dark caves unfortunately).
c) Add blueprints for 'enhanced indoor grow-beds' offing growth-rate bonuses. These would include the lovely and aromatic sea-treader dung as one of their ingredients.

OK then


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    Yeh that would be a welsome addition!

    Make it so some plants require high light levels, like creepvine kelp and other plants you only find in the shallow waters, and then have stuff like deep shroom and gel sack require low light levels.
    Maybe make it so they can grow, but the growth rate is highly reduced if its not optimal conditions.
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    I was thinking more along the lines of the indoor grow beds. But it would be great to see the aquatic farming tweaked too. I'd like to be able grow more types of productive plants to fruition by working out just what kind of TLC they like.

    Maybe a fruiting Creepvine needs at least a 3 tier tank built above 100m - complete with a couple of Stalkers grinding up the minerals and metals their roots need.

    A deep-base Bloodkelp would tank would be very nice too, but I've no idea what those freaky things are symbiotic with. Cave Crawlers? Eeek!
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    Well, there are several ways you can work out the specifics of this idea. As for the creepvines, they only occur in the shallows (up to 100m deep max) and from there on out, they are replaced by the bloodkelp. Seeing how the bloodkelp is not reliant upon light, but instead upon chemosynthesis, you could make it require your proposed enhanced growthbed!

    As for other species of plants, many are seen on almost any depth. Such as bloodgrass, red wort, violet beau, ... The only ones exclusive to singular biomes (or simply due to being related as told by the PDA) are the Lost River fauna and the membrane plants (membrane tree and sea crown). Perhaps these should only be able to be planted in a containment tank :)

    Anyway, as you can see, you can detail this anyway you want - it could be a fairly flexible system with the exception of a handfull of specific plants :D
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