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What do you do if a reaper leviathan grabs your seamoth? Do you get out and swim away? Or do you stay inside?

What if a reaper attacks your cyclops? Do you try and escape at full speed? Or do you turn on silent running and try and slip away unnoticed?

I'm just curious what you all do in these scenarios.
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    The answer is simple. If you value your heart, lungs, and other vital organs, gtfo of that situation. If you're stranded on a desert island and have stabbed a small shark with a spear but see a tiny little salmon was about to be its lunch, are you gonna' ditch the freaking shark and go after the tiny salmon, or keep stabbing the freaking shark?
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    The electric field for the seamoth is great for dealing with the Reapers, you can also try the super clumsy gas torpedos.

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    If you're suited up in a PRAWN then punch the reaper in the face a few times and he'll drop you. Personally, I like to make it a point of sleeping in this suit I'm wearing in case of unsuspected attack.
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    Hey everybody, my name's Reaper_Peeper101 and I have been playing Subnautica for a long time and I know how to get you started in the game! I also know the where-bouts of the Reaper Leviathans so you don't lose your Seamoth! I can also help you locate much needed fragments, reach out to me if you have any questions!
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    hi guys! i am so excited to be included in these topics! also, yes, it is a good idea to keep a free claw on your prawn suit, as a drill does much less damage, and does not really help. i am so close to getting cured, and intend to never finish the game, and stay, advancing to the entire map. i have all 5 cuddlefish,(3 alive and two eggs) and plan to make a giant zoo with all the hatch-able creatures. does anybody else have any cool ideas for in game?
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    i got to the alien power plant, getting all excited, thinking i had just discovered the prison, and it totally burst my bubble when i realized.
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    i also have experience w/ getting my seamoth destroyed, i was going from sea treaders path back to the lifepod, so i could re supply on metal salvage, and out of the blue, (literally), a reaper grabbed my seamoth twice in a row, reducing my seamothś health to 5%. as i was making my escape, there just HAPPENED to be a dumb spadefish in my path, and, as you probably know, they are not good for hitting seamoths, and destroyed it. R.I.Peices. SALMOrmoN. i had just enough of the rarer recources that all i needed was titanium (TORTUROUS IRONY), and made the 1400m trip by seaglide.
    when i came bback, and was making the depth module once more, when i saw the seamoth perimeter defence system, paused the game, and screamed into ma pillow for not noticing that was an upgrade. ARGGGGGHHHHHH
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    Bold of you to assume they grab the seamoth in the first place, you can play through the entire game without encountering one, not even hard you just have to know where to go
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    you probably will at least hear their roars at some point in the game, even if it is very faintly.
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