Stalker tooth tip for any newbies

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Heya. So I know as a fact that when I was new, stalker teeth were a pain for me. Just dropping metal salvage and waiting for a tooth to eventually drop took forever, but on my second full release playthrough, I managed to find a pretty efficient way to pick up the things

Grav traps. Put one down near the kelp forest, along with a few pieces of metal salvage and wait for the Stalkers to get stuck. They'll keep picking it up and putting it down, then you can just use your scanner room to pick it up. Or, if you want to find it out in the same way I did, just put a grav trap near the scanner room. They always go for the cameras, and a few will inevitably be holding a piece of metal salvage when they decide to go for the scanner room, let this repeat for a while, and finally pick up the accumulated metal savage and teeth

TL;DR Grav traps and metal salvage my dude
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