Two Public Playtests of build 321 on Sat 10th and Mon 12th!

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Hey all,

We have TWO Public Playtest sessions scheduled for patch 321:

Tomorrow, Saturday Feb 10th 1200 PST / 2100 CET
Monday, Feb 12th 1200 PST / 2100 CET for those that cannot make the short notice of tomorrow's session.

All are welcome to join and test the build with us, which contains some fixes like entities "popping" into existence after phasing through gates, performance improvements for hitching, balance changes such as Babbler Mines (yes you read that right) that contain aggressive babblers or an improved Onos Charge that "stampedes" marines out of the way, as well as two new shoulder patches and lots of other stuff I can't fit here ;)

Join our Official Discord Server a few minutes before those listed times in order to organize with us and ask any question before we play games.
You'll need to swap to the BETA branch of NS2 for this test.
Once you've selected the branch, then just idle in our General Voice channel to coordinate with us joining the server.

We're looking for community feedback of any kind, as well as assessing the stability of the build/server.
It's also a good chance to get the "Kill a Dev" achievement if you haven't gotten one already, or just to chat with some devs after the games.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in our discord.

Thanks and see you there! :smile:


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