Stalker swimming in the base! LOL

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Screen shot speaks for itself. Can't get the dude out either.



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    Yeah, that often happens with swarms as well. Btw, just posting so i can make a new topic.
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    Same here i have had that happen a lot in the past but no stalkers i have had peepers boomerang's and one gaspod though lately it is very rare but still happens on occasion.

    Though i do love it when a few peepers drop in as i do not have to swim and catch the little buggers its like home delivery straight into my fabricator.

    Edit: I take that back i just had a Rabbit Ray drop in and cant get it out.
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    Hmm, I have been having an issue with stalkers as well. No, they aren't in my base, but a large group has spawned OUTSIDE of their biome. They keep attacking me, all (I estimate) about 15 of them swim in tight quarters and bait ball me practically. I am still unsure as to whether this is a bug or not, but I felt it was necessary to inform of this... Mishap...
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    Squatters Rights Law and Legal Definition. A squatter's right is a legal allowance to use the property of another in the absence of an attempt by the owner to force eviction. This right may eventually be converted to title to the property over time by Adverse Possession, if recognized by state law.

    I see no issues here if you've neglected to use the structure :trollface:

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    Hmm, yeah, that's surely interesting.
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    This has sort of happened to me. I was in land and a stalker flew right in my face, then i died.
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