[Bug] Gantry elevator causes platform to list (spoilers) [59783]

JimboJamboJimboJambo Join Date: 2018-01-25 Member: 235708Members Posts: 21 Advanced user
Any time I ascend the Neptune gantry elevator, the entire launch platform begins to lean slightly away from the side where the elevator is. This usually causes me to "bounce" (teleport up a few feet into the air and fall back down), and about half the time I'll also glitch through the floor and fall onto the platform below. Once or twice I have actually been catapulted up into the air -- got a good screenshot of the nose of the rocket!

As far as I know the platform is not colliding with anything underneath, neither terrain nor vehicle. This also seems to happen regardless of where it is built, since it has happened in two different locations (didn't like where I put it the first time and reloaded the save).

In all cases, once the elevator reaches the top, the bouncing stops and the platform slowly returns to the upright position.

Platform leaning:

Platform leaning (underwater):

Anyone in there?


  • EstebanLB01EstebanLB01 Join Date: 2017-05-09 Member: 230377Members Posts: 56 Advanced user
    I just got the platform sent flying away as soon as I activated the elevator, with just the booster phase built
  • nicomadnicomad Argentina Join Date: 2018-11-08 Member: 244582Members Posts: 1 Freshly registered user
    Just park your Cyclops below the elevator's side and it will stay still this time .
  • baronvonsatanbaronvonsatan TX, USA Join Date: 2016-12-01 Member: 224415Members Posts: 502 Advanced user
    nicomad wrote: »
    Just park your Cyclops below the elevator's side and it will stay still this time .

    You don't have to necro a thread if you want to comment. Stable build is already on #61056 so it's safe to say this issue has been resolved.
    This is dumb, but a click a day helps me out a little.
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