Different Gloves

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As far as I know, the only gloves we have are currently the Rad and the Re enforced gloves. While useful, I feel there should be a couple different glove types with a few different upgrades like what the fins have. Since the fin upgrades require base fins, we would need a new base set of gloves. Crafted with say, a silicon rubber or two. Perhaps they could reduce damage taken by 5-10%. (If you can think of anything more useful, feel free to leave a comment)

After acquiring the modification station, a few upgrades to your gloves can be made. The 5-10% damage reduction would stay after upgrades. With the gloves from the Re enforced suit, stronger gloves probably wouldn't be needed... probably.
A Few Options

Webbed gloves - While keeping the DR, increase swim speed by 10-15%. Another upgrade to make you go even faster. When paired with the Ultra-glide fins, swimming may feel like a better option or as a way to reserve power.

Suction gloves - A bit of a weird option. These gloves suck up nearby items when your hands are empty, effectively increasing your grab distance. This may actually be not all that useful. Perhaps they could also allow you to break rocks in one hit, as you would with a knife or tool.

Torpedo gloves - Ya, I know this a bit of a stretch... This would allow you to load and fire a mini torpedo using an arm attached device. You can only load one torpedo at a time, and they would have 50-75% a full sized torpedo's radius, damage, etc. Doubt this would be a serious thing, maybe something fun to mess around with...

Force glove - Final one for now, and no, this doesn't allow you to use the force... Using a small amount of energy allows you to create some sort of wave that pushes fauna and items away from you, like a small wave of a propulsion cannon. This could be used to get away from any sand sharks or medium sized creatures, though I feel it would have little effect on Leviathans.

Just a couple ideas I came up with, and this was probably suggested before... Feedback appreciated. :]
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