Astetics of the Game and Gear improvement

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Personal Storage
-Right now when you load into the game you have 48 storage slots on your person and yet if you were to freecam and look at yourself there's no way you would be able to carry all 48 items big or small. What I'm suggesting is to cut the initial storage space to a 4 rows x6 columns configuration half of the total storage space. From here you would have to find the blueprint for a backpack that would be so where on the Aurora. Once found the back pack would be equipped to your person and give you an additional 2 rows, then there would be an upgrade available in the modification station to give you 2 more rows. After getting the back pack mk2 you would have the total 48 storage slots
Upgrading Gear
- Currently in the game there are helmets that do different things there should be a way to upgrade these helmets or put upgrades on them to make them better for what we want them to do the list of possible upgrades could include
~In hud zoom in/ out
~Short range radio ( able to be within about 200 m of base radio/ vehicle radio to activate message)
~Cool down fan ( When in hot area)
~Customizable hud to put in( objectives, bigger compass, polarized, and possibly optimal paths to Target position)
~Neck Air bladder

New gear items as well would be added to either be hidden in the Aurora currently or be in an extended part of the Aurora if it's opened up these gear items would be
~Two cowboy looking strong lightweight hydrophobic gun slots for your repair tool, and your laser cutter.
~There would also be two slots somewhere on the front or back to carry two different or same knives.
Both of these items would be taken out of your storage and be put in the gear clearing up space in your inventory
Just like right now the gear would be able to be taken off however what ever is in them would go as well
I also feel that when gear or different suits aren't being used they should be stored properly in a glass cased mannequin to place any items you don't want on to be placed on the mannequin and for this glass case to have customizable lighting if any this would be similar to the glass cases used by the green arrow on the CW TV show the arrow where you would also be able to put your tools in the slots as well. I feel this would add a good astetics to the game. The glass cases could be found in the extended part of the Aurora or just be craftable whenever you want.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please tell me your thoughts.


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