Do you find it hard to decide what to do next?

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So I've built my second base near the giant cove tree. It has both a battery and power cell charger, that energy expensive water filtration machine, a tank full of peepers, fabricator, lockers, and a scanner room. Now I find myself wondering what I should do next with this base. I guess I could do some scouting with the PRAWN suit and find a safe route to take the Cyclops through (and add guide bacons along the way). But seriously I'm not sure what to do next. Ever have this problem? Or are you one of those people who ALWAYS knows what to do next even without the wiki or game guides to help you?


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    Lonnehart wrote: »
    But seriously I'm not sure what to do next. Ever have this problem? Or are you one of those people who ALWAYS knows what to do next even without the wiki or game guides to help you?
    I've never had this happen to me in Subnautica, there were always things that I wanted to do - and unlike some other games, there never was this feeling of "what's best to do next to get the most out of it" that would've made me spoil my fun by walking through a guide: Still some blueprints missings? Gotta look for them... Missing some raw materials for stuff you've never built? Go mining. Expand the base with some parts you've never used before and decorate rooms.
    What about that cave you didn't explore yet? Or that one location that is mentioned in one of the found logs? Go check it out - exploring in general turned out to be always rewarding for me - much like DaveyNY I've often found myself back in base after some adventure and realized I didn't even do what it was that I went out for.
    You're already at the cove tree (nice spot!), but I'm assuming you're not through with the background story yet, and haven't explored everything? Then there's still alien mysteries waiting to be found!

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    It's not so much a matter of knowing what to do than it is setting a goal for yourself and completing it. "I'm going to explore X today," or "I really want to build a base there." Personally, I find a challenge and a great deal of satisfaction in doing the most I can with the least I can. Microbasing, for example. You can build a functional base for rest, refit, and resupply using only an X-corridor. It takes some careful consideration for construction site, but setting up some microbases for field shelter helps with expanding your frontiers.

    Of course, I also enjoy building a megabase somewhere to act as a hub for my operations. The more difficult the site, the more interesting the build gets. Do something funky.

    But mostly, don't be afraid to just try things. Knowing what to do takes away mystery and discovery. Just swim out. You'll always find something to see, explore, do, and occasionally flee in abject terror from. All in a day's work surviving on 4546B. :)
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    While I'm playing the game, I almost always have this in the back of my head and it motivates me to try and emulate it and also scares the carp outta me...

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    I can't say I run out of things to do, but I did notice the bread crumbs seem to end (possibly on purpose?) about the time you investigate the jelly cave degasi ruin. There is mention of going deeper, but I only went there because I knew of it from playing before. Otherwise I would never have known where to go.

    Never did find the water producing suit in the latest game. Maybe that object is out of the game or I missed something else.

    Until that point, the radio messages were leading me to places near stuff to investigate and near ship wrecks. The deep one lead me to the cave that goes through the lost river to the tree cave. The alien pillars lead me to the lab. After that, I visited everything remaining because I already knew about them. There was no lead to go there. Which is odd, I seem to recall a blip was added to visit what people are calling the lava castle, which in turns leads you to go deeper to the research center. None of that happened last time I played.
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    DaveyNY wrote: »
    I don't find it hard to decide...

    I just find it hard to not be distracted by something else, on the way to doing what it was I had originally decided to do...

    And then forgetting what it was I had decided to do on the way there.


    I guess for me it's more like this. That's on top of knowing there's so much to do that I simply can't decide. I might want to explore a cave in the creepvine forest only to find something else that's too interesting NOT to investigate (in some cases I end up meeting a Mesmer)...
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    Everytime i go farming i spend almost as much time on logistics afterwards as I do on the farming itself. Spent so much time on storage and labelling. So usually now I just stand somewhere and look out my windows.
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    poesbru wrote: »
    Everytime i go farming i spend almost as much time on logistics afterwards as I do on the farming itself. Spent so much time on storage and labelling. So usually now I just stand somewhere and look out my windows.

    I've used the same base layout for several games now, so I can usually store stuff away quickly. Once I have the Seamoth, I do a quick trip to the Jellyshroom Cave Degasi Base to scan for the Multipurpose Room among other things. I set up a main base at the same spot with an initial Glass Corridor and 2 MPRs, with 6 Wall Lockers, 1st MPR with 10 Lockers in Library layout (edgeon), then 2nd MPR with 6 Lockers against the wall (planning for an MPR stack and Alien Containment in the future). Usually take more time transferring my stock from my first under-Lifepod-5 base.

    But getting resources takes time. When I got the Modification Station from the wreck near Lifepod 17 and the Vehicle Modification Station from the wreck near Lifepod 19, I had to add in a Jellyshroom Cave run to get more Lithium for stuff. Having enough to make the Seamoth 1st Depth mod as well as 2 Storage mods helped. What slows me down is needing to mix harvest runs with exploration and advancement runs.
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    I've built two bases now, one near my original lifepod and the other at the cove tree (which I call the Mother Tree) which is also my main base which also has two 4 story ACU's full of creatures. I've explored all the alien ruins, I met the empress, released her kids and have used my radio until JUST before the Sunbeam starts to land, because right now, even though I'm cured and the quarantine gun is POWERED OFF, it still manages to somehow fire and blow up the sunbeam, even though the game literally said "Happy Flying" after I turned it off. I've heard all the great voice acting from the different pda's and found all the blueprints that are possible. I'm just waiting for them to finish so I can try out the rocket pad, save the Sunbeam and hopefully have a reason to explore again.
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    I think not having the signal to the thermal plant in the lava castle may be a big problem for people who are new to the game. If you don't already know it's there, you'll probably never find it - and it has the Blue Key, which you must have to advance. There is still time to fix that before release however.

    I never found any Stillsuit either on the last run.
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    And now I'm getting this feeling in my current Experimental game.

    I've been to the Floating Isle. I've been to the Blood Kelp zone and have Blood Kelp, Deep Shrooms, Gel Sacks, and everything else growing in my base. (Except that with Bulbo Tree's samples being nerfed from 3 Food and 10 Water to 6 Food and 3 Water, I'm not bothering with them now.) I've even got the Reinforced Dive Suit. But not the Swim Charge Fins nor the Cyclops. And I've still to go to the Aurora.

    But it's just this stage of the game gets drawn out now. I'm about 24 hours in. Next I should hit up some of the wrecks to the west and north for more blueprints as well as more Cyclops frags. Get some mats. After I get the Cyclops, kit it out and visit the Aurora. Then think about exploring the Lost River and below.

    But to find the wrecks I've got two choices.

    1. Put together the parts of a minibase to provide power for a Scanner Room, go around, set it up and scan for wrecks. Hopefully it all fits in my inventory free space and 2 or 3 Cargo Mods on a Seamoth.

    2. Use a map to go to the locations of the wrecks.

    #1 is the legitimate way of doing this. #2 is a lot easier and is the way I've always done it.

    And I'm sort of not so eager to press on right now.
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