Getting Crash Report - Can anyone confirm?

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Here is the log crash.
What I don't understand is the first line.
"CrashGenerationServer started successfully"

This seems like its a script that was run.

CrashGenerationServer started successfully
Client connected: **********************
Client requested dump: 6156
Reading remote process info
DumpRequest: minidump path is - Natural Selection 2/dumps\232fd231-39cc-42ca-ac44-ee9cf929a99f.dmp
CreateDumpJob(ns2 - 6156) Starting
WriteDump final minidump size = 0.420 MB
CreateDumpJob(ns2 - 6156) Finished result = true
DumpRequestJob 6156 Starting
CompressDumpJob Starting for ns2(6156)
CompressDumpJob Finished for ns2(6156)
UploadDumpJob Starting for ns2(6156)
Sending crash dump
Client exited: 6156
SendRequest: got HTTP response code 200
SendRequest: response body {}
Crash dump uploaded successfully
UploadDumpJob Finished for ns2(6156)
Renaming dump -/Natural Selection 2/dumps/ to
-/Natural Selection 2/dumps/
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