ENSL needs more Servers, Casters, Referees for YOU.

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We are going to have:

Saturday 2 December
19:00 CET [S12 Div3] Saunabois vs Beeyetch Sand
20:00 CET [S12 Div3] team.ru vs 8bitgamers

Sunday, 3 December
16:00 CET [S12 Div3] team.ru vs For the Lolz
19:00 CET [S12 Div2] OOP vs Black Sun Mafia
20:00 CET [S12 Div3] team.ru vs 8bitgamers
20:00 CET [S12 Div3] Saunabois vs 8bitgamers
And Probably
20:00 CET [S12 Div3] pubstars vs Team Awesome

The Trend to have plenty of Games on the Weekend continues.

So we could profit a lot if we can find some more People that can host additional (mainly EU) Server/s ENSL.org NS2 Servers,
And more people that would like to be Caster and Referee.

So we can get all Matches played (Because many Match-times overlap each other on the Weekend, That's why we could need (1) more EU Server/s)
Out by the Rules (trough Referees that uphold the rules for a fair chances.)
And streamed to Twitch etc. (from Casters from Spectator View)
for everybody's entertainment.

Requirements and Duties to Ref/Cast Ensl Games: http://www.ensl.org/articles/1013
(Even if you don't like to apply leave feedback for these Rules there)

Want to Become Caster/Referee for the ENSL Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/Fp8vnCDelFYrqhDn2


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