pls help make texture [How to replace texture in NS2]

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My friend prajeet singh has made this trusty tutorial video for you to follow it's not that comprehensive but it's better then what i could produce.

I only had a few minutes to make this but it should help you get the gist of how people are making all those dumb camo texture mods below, i don't know what maromoset is and i can't be bothered googling, is it easy to use?

You create a mod with launchpad(located in ns2 folder) click on source and follow steps below

Using the same folder structure as the NS2 folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Natural Selection 2

1.Click into modelsrc
2.Create new folder called "marine" we're using the name based on the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Natural Selection 2\ns2\models\marine\rifle
3.Open marine folder and create a new folder named rifle
4.create a text file named rifle.material and put step 5 inside (or if you are lazy like me and everyone else simply just copy and paste the one from inside the rifle folder above
shader = "models/marine/marine.surface_shader"
albedoMap = "models/marine/rifle/"
emissiveMap = "models/marine/rifle/"
normalMap = "models/marine/rifle/"
specularMap = "models/marine/rifle/"
6.Download a generic camo image like most of the skin mods you see on the ns2 store in this case we're using this one
7, you're need to convert it from what ever format you have to tga/psd (the builder.exe we use to build the mod needs it to convert to a correct .dds file that is readable by natural section 2 (can use this
8. name it rifle.tga
9. now we create illumination map which is the one that glows in the dark or in other words that is illuminated, in our case open up MS paint or what ever your favourite image editor is and maek everything that you don't want to be glow in the dark black, in our case we can use the same file as the illumination map.
10. specular maps you can convert some here as well as the bump maps and give them the same names as the ones inside the .material file.
11 once everything is in the folder you can go back to launchpad go to builder and build>build
12. once it has done building go back to launchpad simply publish and click publish
13. go into steam workshop and find your modification
14. go into ns2 and subscribe to your mod
15. enjoy.

there are much faster ways to prototype but i don't have much time to show..

also good to note if you are testing without workshop you'll need to go into C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Natural Selection 2\ServerConfig.json and change

consistency_enabled true to false and save

Here's a quick video of what it looks like in game (mine doesn't have any spec/bump/ maps correctly and it's only classified as a world model(everyone but you can see it when you play),to change it for your view you would need to change


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    Since Mr Singh couldn't post due to having account restrictions,
    My friends, today i have brought to you a new video from the series of how to become a professional modder for NS2

    It's a quick video instead of this previous 14minute video for replacing textures at lightening speed.

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