November 14th update of Things

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on existing survival mode all looked good till exiting seamoth in open water hatch was open so moth remains flooded kind of confused since before it always closed on exit and I think it remains open while piloting and moving. this game has nasty environment. draw loading distance issue not yet addressed. ah adjust solar power rating my base with nuclear assist was 10000 2 moonpools power cell charging battery chargers and water filtration all active 10000 was perfect. Now first launch with update 6000 I'm managing base more instead find alien base labs and cure. This brings me to the overly agressive warper and crabquid 600m just on edges lost river attacking. me destorying well equip seamoth everytime I aproach the area. I'm on seamoth 8 now. and no where near any progress in what I think Iknow what I'm doing. That's all for now.
Posted by Xbox Live's Mikro
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