Captain Mod Idea

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NS2 doesn’t have the population to support rank based servers imo. It also is built on community servers. We also don’t have any good ways to play ranked games of NS2 easily without playing competitive that isn’t built into the game. So I think it would be nice if veteran players had a chance to play captains that still worked on pubs, but created a more ranked feel.

How it would work is:
- 1 captain per team. Perhaps you would say you want to be captain through a menu or by joining commander of marines or aliens.
- Captains alternate picks. So 1 pick by one captain, then other persons turn.
- You only select 5 players total. Incentive to pick the top 5 players available.
- 10 seconds to make selections. If it’s your turn and you don’t make a selection in 10 seconds, mod automatically puts highest hive skill available player on your team.
- After 5 players selected on both teams, there is a shuffle for remaining players or remaining player slots available on that server. The shuffle doesn’t affect the selected players.

Why I like this idea:
-Captains is the best way in theory of separating the top skilled players. This allows for that to happen. It also creates a more serious tone than just shuffling the server.
-It’s a much faster captains than selecting all players. You also only have 10 seconds per pick.
-You don’t make people feel like they were the last pick or they weren’t picked. Since you are only picking top 5, people should better understand those are just the higher skill players. I think this would drastically cut down on the harsh reality of captains mode.
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