Teleporting into empty space/ocean and falling off the map when going through arches

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When going through an arch teleporter, randomly I will sometimes reach the other side and then immediately begin teleporting again but end up somewhere off the map and start falling off of it (it looks like just being surrounded by empty water but I can see my beacon waypoints gradually getting further and further away)

EDIT: Ok, now this isn't random anymore, it does it every time. I can't even progress because I can't warp back to the place where the Emperor is even though I've done it several times before. Every single time I try I just end up double warping and ending up doomed.


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    Please post the version number of the game. This is the number in the top right like [54433] or something. That number helps folks know which version of the game so they can see if the problem has been encountered by someone else and already fixed or not. Thanks!
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    I am having a similar problem in version 61056 on Windows 10 Steam when I teleport from the Lost River to the Sea Emperor's Containment Facility. Occasionally, if I wait long enough, at about 10'000m deep, I am teleported to sea level (0m deep) and either die from fall damage or walk around on the seafloor as if it were dry land (no swimming, no O2 decrease, and it sounds like dry land).
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    I have a similar problem except I accidently saved out of habit before I quit the game to see if it would fix im stuck spawning in at below 1000meters with no land water or anything I just keep falling, I gave up at below 5000 version 63668 oh wait I hit bottom but then itacted like I was on land so I killed myself and it was fixed. I even kept all my items
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    I went through the teleporter with the prawn suite and got stuck couldn't move restarted game now im stuck in the walls of the base. Can't get out and prawn stuck. Can anyone help me fix this i have over 103 hours in this game so far i don't want to start over.
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