major save issue even after save hotfix

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ive posted elsewhere about this before but now that ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game and im still having issues i figured it desearves its own topic. this has propogated over multiple save files, i make a new one after each patch\ update. so starting before the time zone save glitch was discovered i had issues with the game not always saving. when the devs discoverd the time sone bug and suggested manually changing time zone back 3 hours i tried it even though they said it affected +time zones and im a - time zone( i went from -5 to -8 gmt) this did not solve the issue so i waited for the patch. with the patch installed i hoped things would be better but still iwas having seemingly random saves just not show up each time id load up the game id usually be set back farther than my last known save sometimes many hours and multiple saves were ignored\lost E.G. one day i played in excess of 6 hours saving about every 1\2 hour and it kept none of it but the next time i played for ten minutes saved an it was fine. ive expirimented with saving in\out of vehicles and bases, with saving back to back, and with giving the game a few minutes to "settle" and render terrain and such. none of these variables seem to matter i just lose random saves. i figured maybe the problem is on my end so i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and started another new file. played for about an hour and saved twice with about a minute inbetween exited to the main menu and shut off the xbox( this is my usual ritual before getting off for the night. when i loaded up it didnt even have the file this is the first time ive had it not even take my first save.

i have reported feedback ingame as of the newest build and will continue to expiriment and post if i notice anything different.


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    update on save issue: have not had anymore lost saves since the above post.. i have been saving consecutive 3 times in varying positions(eg staring at different posters in my base or looking at different pieces of terrain) and can confirm its always keeping the most recent one now that i have a stable method im gonna stop tripple saves and just go back to ideal saving(whenever it strikes me as a good time to save click save and log out ) heres hoping the reinstall really did fix my issue and if so then im not sure what caused the first one after the reinstall to not actually save ill post again here if thebug pops back up
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