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The "official" dedicated server wiki is depreciated and contains references which are very out of date or just plain incorrect. Those looking to set up a new server are often guided down the wrong path. For example there are now changes to what is stored in %appdata% vs custom config/modstorage directories. Makes things kind of confusing.

Is there a guide out there which is more updated and clearer in how to set up a dedicated server with proper mod management? Or would there be any plans to revise the existing wiki?


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    The Unknown Worlds wiki is sort of deprecated, yes. The official replacement is the Natural Selection 2 wiki, which never quite got around to replacing it. The Server Maintenance Manual was copied to the new wiki, but for some reason the Dedicated Server guide was not. Now it has been. This was just a simple copy from the old article, so please feel free to correct anything you think is inaccurate.
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