Prawn issues

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I've had a couple of problems with the prawn suit since the 3-in-1 update.

First and most annoying. It's not happened to any other fragments but I discovered the location of the prawn drill arm and grappling arm but the wreck didn't draw until after the fragments and I could literally see them falling through the water. But then, the wreck appeared and the fragments are stuck inside a completely inaccessible part and cannot be scanned. I had to unlock the blueprints manually as I'd found the propulsion canon etc no problem. I'm not sure if a large fish hit the fragments prior to the wreck being drawn and hence gave them momentum - usually fragments just suspend in place if theres a drawing issue.

I lost a prawn when the whole thing fell through the ground jumping down to the 500m degasi wreck. I had to abandon prawn and swim up. I assumed it would fall forever and then be destroyed by the pressure. However it did not. It stopped falling shy of that and there was a unrecoverable prawn underground.

The last issue. I used the prawn to venture up to the second aurora entrance - to the administration/cargo area. As I had forgotten my repulsion cannon the idea was to use my prawn suits one to clear the debris from the doorway. I then noticed it appeared big enough to fit my prawn suit through it so I could clear the cargo bay debris too (I was being lazy). However it just stops in the doorway and you can't get the suit back out.. Determined not to lose another prawn I headed back to base and got my personal repulsion cannon and thankfully it shifted the prawn from the doorway.


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    Yes, the prawn suit and its related items have... a LOT of problems.

    I had my suit fall through the lost river biome and drop me all the way down to the fuckdamn active lava zone. I didn't even die from the pressure, I died from starvation.

    I haven't had my fragments fall through the world and haven't even brought my suit to the aurora, but I have no doubt that there are issues with said things.
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