Player names no longer show on map

mooncatmooncat US Join Date: 2014-05-27 Member: 196260Members
Month or two ago the player names no longer showed on the map. I've tried reinstalling but they still aren't there. I've tried adding the players names on minimap mod but that also does not add the names. I have no idea why I can't see them but it makes communicating more difficult.


  • KeatsKeats United States Join Date: 2014-11-04 Member: 199413Members, NS2 Playtester, Reinforced - Shadow
    Try checking Options > Bindings > Toggle Minimap Names. Bind that to a key if it's not bound yet, then try using it. If you don't have a key to spare, try entering 'minimapnames' (no quotes) in the console.
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