Xbox One loading questions

ArcticWarriorArcticWarrior Join Date: 2017-01-27 Member: 227305Members Posts: 26 Advanced user
I'm not very well versed in game development or whatever so it would be appreciated if someone could explain to me why subnautica's terrain, and just objects in general don't load unless you get relatively close. The xbox can handle it, games like battlefield 1 have huge maps, where the entire thing is loaded. Just curious.


  • alvarobm1990alvarobm1990 Join Date: 2017-09-08 Member: 232884Members Posts: 4 Fully active user
    It's simple battlefield 1 is an optimized final version of a game and subnautica is a beta version without optimization.
    The draw distance is small in subnautica to improve fps unless optimization is done, then in final version this things dont happen.
  • obsidian_eclipseobsidian_eclipse uk Join Date: 2017-05-04 Member: 230239Members Posts: 100 Advanced user
    The game is loaded in chunks and there's a lot of non player objects to keep track of and generate that isn't present in games like Battlefield 1 - which are predominantly static and without any scripted intelligence. It was originally developed with deformable voxels too, so that players could make changes to the terrain, all of these had to be saved and checksums made for error correction etc. The deformation was removed from the game in the non too distant past, I expect when they move onto game optimisation these issues will be dealt with.
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