Server browser change request/suggestion

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I'd like the left mouse click function on the server browser to not open the server info box as it did before the big server browser overhaul, being able to quick refresh the specific server by clicking on it without opening the info box was nice feature. It also is a bit redundant since there is already a join button on the browser ui prior to server info box, and you can just double click or press enter to join as well.

Another feature I think would be nice is the ability to join as a spectator prior to the server being full, ui wise just move the join button to the left side of the info box and place a 'Spectate' button on the right with a different color to help differentiate between them.

Last feature which would make the server browser even better in my opinion would be a drop down list on right click which gives you a bunch of options pertaining to the server such as.

Join game (23/24)
Refresh server
Server Info
Join as a spectator (4/5)
Add to favorites
Add to blacklist
Copy IP address to clipboard
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