Just an Update on 3 in 1 update Runs here.

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There were major improvements and some returning previous build issues, #1 long save times, #2 fragment and resouce objects slow loading, #3 Terrain sea bottom slow loads to never loads, #4 Seamoth over laapping Depth and nav hud & Upgrade modules not being saved or remembered like pressure comp. mk 3 gives moth 900m on fresh start moonpool it says 200m current depth 105 system says crush deptth hull takes damage. #5 video tearing while in base holizontal thin black lines 1080p60hz screen #6 sea gulide causes other tools look like there coming out mid charctor um lower region not put in the hand. this was fixed broken then fixed now broken again, #7 the wrecks: larger bend U shape wrecks are slow loading, #8 Fragments are falling to the very Depths of the play space instead of in abandoned. base on floating island the fragments were found floating under. #9 Getting stuck out of terrain boundries getting stuck in seamoth in a slow loading wreck or out of the play area is another issue, # 10 save location and bulkheads Sfx not heard door swings but no sound heard, saving certain locations you might get locked in that multipurpose room.or other module.

that's all I have for now details are in the feedback tool in game.
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    I have also experienced #1) 10 min load/save times #2-3) Slow load on objects/terrain #4) For me, when I enter a vehicle, for a split second, it simply shows the default crush depth. #7) Yes, the wrecks are a slow load which can cause you to get stuck in them. #9) I have seen resources "fall through the map"; whether it is a problem, I don't know. Do they despawn if untouched for a long while?
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