A Few Questions

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1. How much damage can the Ghost Leviathan do to the seamoth?

2. Where can I find the entrance to the Deep Grand Reef that is right next to the Degasi Base (literally found it yesterday but then a warper killed me now I can't find it again) From the Lost River?

3. Where do I find the Precursor Base (the one that needs the Orange artifact which is found in the Degasi seabase in the Deep Grand Reef) in the Lost River? Once again, found it yesterday and I knew how to get there after going to the Grand Reef but then I died and I can't find it again.
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    I don't know how to describe how to get to the Degasi base in the Grand Reef. Literally I just poke around down there until I find it. Getting to the Precursor research base (orange artifact) is a little easier. From the Degasi base, just start looking for a way down. You'll find it pretty easily. From there, just go straight down the "wooded" tunnel and you'll find that big skull. Can't miss it.

    Dunno about the Ghost vs Seamoth. One in the Void took out mine in two bites. I don't remember if I was armored or not. Also, they caught me even with my Seaglide.
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