NSL Newcomer Tournament - Natural Selection 2

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imageNSL Newcomer Tournament - Natural Selection 2

The NSL has decided to host a Newcomer Tournament on September 30, 2017. The last NSL Newcomer Tournament included 56 Players across 8 Teams that played 14 Bo3 amazing Matches in a Double elimination...

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    Why did nobody bump this yet?

    I wish everybody a good time. And would like to thank all volunteers who make this tournament and the ensl.org league possible. Keep it going ;)
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    i signed up! 40% because i want to play some competitive, exciting matches. 60% cause i heard there would be cool badges :smiley:
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    do you have to be available on both days 19-24h? i'd like to participate but don't really have time on saturday... :blush:
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