My Game Won't Load Now!

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After my game wouldn't save my progress (and speaking of which, it takes almost 10-15 minutes to actually save), I decided to turn off the Xbox in case something was wrong and when I turned it back on to play my game, it wouldn't load. I'm stuck on the main screen (the one with the jelly ray and Aurora) and I don't know what to do!

And when I decided to go and play Rocket League as well, it froze too.

What do I do here? Should I just reinstall the game (which will take maybe 3 hours)? I want an easy fix but if I have to uninstall and then reinstall the game, then I guess I'll do that.

As a note, this is probably the only major problem I've ever had with this game.
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    Try clearing the console cache files:
    With the console on, hold down the power icon on the front of the xbox for about 6 seconds. It will shut itself off and begin clearing the cache files.
    After about 30 seconds or so you should hear the hard drive stop running at which point you can unplug the xbox from the power brick.
    Leave unplugged for a minute or so and then plug it back in and reboot the console.

    This should clear any cache/data files for games which may have problems loading due to a corrupted cache. Your saved games should all be there as before so you won't lose anything.

    If you need to exit a game, always make sure that the 'save/cloud sync' icon on the screen has stopped cycling and exit the game before powering down.
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