[Bug] Cannot select and break barnacles on Reef Back [53568]

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edited September 2017 in Subnautica Bug Reporting
This long standing bug persists. You can see the barnacle on the Reef Back and mouse over it. But with the barnacle selected, you cannot actually break it. Instead, you have it aim your mouse at a random location some distance from the barnacle in order to break it.

Okay. So, I spawned in more Reef Backs to do more testing. This is definitely improved over the past. But I found there is a "magical" distance at which you need to be in order to break the barnacle. If you are too close or too far, you can't break it. So, it is a frustrating experience but far improved over the past.


  • JoE_SmashJoE_Smash Join Date: 2017-09-06 Member: 232825Members
    Lets not forget the barnacles are often also "floating" off it's hide, or are invisible and inside some of the terrain on it's back as well. Oh and it's a moving target and the resources roll around on it's back while it's moving....
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