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I would like to share an idea of mod, that would be based on the existing pregame (plus).

- Seed servers (and make ns2 playable with a few players, 5-6)
- Give a "goal" to the teams during the pregame --> base capture


- Players receive a "huge" amount of pres periodically equivalent to +-7 running RTs.
- Teams receive a standard amout of tres periodically, there is no commanders, and the tres are automically spent on predifined upgrades (paths).
- The (Hive/command station) tech point can be captured* by any team. A captured tech point gives extra tres to the team and increase the team score.
- The first team reaching a score of X, win the pregame. the pregame resets itself after a count down.

- no buildings are needed, except the armory/prototype lab to buy weapons in marines main base.
- capture: Any player can capture a tech point by sitting on it. If an enemy is present on the tech point at the same, the capture is blocked.
- A base stay captured during some amount of time, if no players is in the room. (to allow 1vs1, 2vs2)
- The pregame disable itself if two commanders jump in. the team with the higher score is the winner of the pregame.
- Pregame starts automically 1min after the changemap. (to allow players to join)
- Player cannot enter the enemy base, as it is already the case in pregame.
- Bots should probably be removed.
- Tunnels are disabled (cause marines don't have phase gate)
- balance the absence of medpacks/ammo pack (base amor, "regeneration", "free welder")
- Multiple Hives/Commands stations are no longer a requirement to research techs.
- Depeding on the amount of players playing the pregame (not AFK in base), the team with less players on the field get a damage bonus.
(could be of the form: dmg * (Max PLayers - Min Players) / Tot Players
-cost of weapons/lifeforms/etc are normal cost.

I don't have the time/knowledge to code it myself, but I hope that there is out there some people that may like the idea and would make it their own.
One of the force of this idea, is that the basics mechanics already exist in pregame(plus) and pregame is widely used on ns2 servers.
The different ideas above could be implemented progressively.


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    You should seriously look at Scatter's "Assault" mode. It's very similar to what you have described!
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    edited August 2017
    I took a look at his post before I post here. The problem is that I am looking for a "pregame" and not a standalone game mod.
    If it is easy to switch from for example "assault" to a normal game (withouth reloading the map and tagging the server as arcade server), It would of course be a equivalent solution.

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