Run more skulk time trial tracks/maps at TGNS (and jetpacks, too)

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For anyone enjoying the new Skulk Challenge, TGNS has the considerably less-polished sh_laps console command, which offers 4 distinct time trial tracks on every stock map. You can run any track as either a Skulk or a Jetpack Marine. Times are tracked separately for each.

HUD text guides you through the tracks and shows your time next to the best for that track and lifeform. A community leaderboard lets authenticated players browse best times for all tracks and maps.

Beyond the obvious utility of practicing your movement skill, it's a great way to better learn the stock maps and improve how quickly you move through them. Many times, my in-game strength has benefitted from movement technique I honed during sh_laps trials. I'm not sure which is more valuable: competing for the fastest trial time, or simply maximizing your personal ability to cross the stock maps quickly during real games.

Just connect (console: connect; or look for "" in the server browser) and execute the sh_laps command in your client console while on any stock map. Good luck, and have fun!
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