Charts in spectator view a bit iffy

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Hello chaps and chapettes,

Sometimes I like to watch games to see how other people play. Some of this won't be from the start, might be from a few minutes in. I've noticed that the charts in the top-down spectator mode (press C) don't always show accurate figures.

I am aware that observing from mid game will not produce any graph history. -- I won't be talking about that as I do not expect servers to maintain and deliver complete history, that'd just be nice to have.

Here are the issues that I see as bugs. (Sorry for the 1440p images, looks like the forum doesn't auto-thumbnail uploaded images.)


In this you can see that the graph does not reflect the 3 extractors for marines and 4 harvesters for aliens. I'd consider this a bug because the information is available to the client, and is reflected correctly at the top of the top-down spectator UI.

The numbers below the chart are also wrong (1 and 0), though I'm not sure if this is a count of RTs destroyed? (In which case this is still a bug because it should be visible in the graph.)


Possibly related: The numbers here also do not reflect the RT count for each team, though if this is RTs destroyed the zero figures and 50/50 split in the coloured bars are correct.




The RT figures below the chart are well off, but this is looking more like an indication of RTs destroyed. (Need confirmation.) If true, well done to this alien team!



Here you can see the line for marine kills is hovering on top of the graph plot area. I noticed this is very likely to happen if the line is going to be flat. At a guess I'd say the distance is relative for the 13 kills marines have got, it's just not sticking to the plot area.


This also applies to other tabs. The common factor is that the line is flat.
Thanks, Adam Reece.


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    The horizontal bar below the RT graph is indeed how many of each team's RTs have been destroyed, so the bottom bar seems to be working correctly.
    The graph itself not showing the current number of RTs does seem to be a bug. I wonder if it's related to your resolution? I've never seen it before (1920x1080). Do you have any more information on when and how it happens? Does it always happen?

    Also I think the proper etiquette is to put images in spoiler tags.

    Sidenote to any devs reading this: if the info can't be inexpensively networked, maybe the graphs shouldn't be back-filled with incorrectly extrapolated data. Leave those times empty instead, if possible.
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    I never knew there was a chart like that while the game plays. I'll mess with it tonight. Press C you say? Wouldn't that bring up the big map?
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    C is my "need medkit" key, so it may be your binding for the same command. (I kept the NS1 bindings)
    V (or "need ammo") will show a line of text at the bottom with more things you can press.

    Unrelated: I noticed the middle-click draw is no longer a thing. This was the one where what you draw stays in the same surface position, so if you scroll away your drawing stays behind. (Only the right-click draw, which stays on the same screen position as you move around, seems to be in place now.)
    Thanks, Adam Reece.
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