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This is a modification to the moonpool, a modification that would make the design and aspect of the moonpool not just more dramatic but also more practical. The modification would include a latch on the wall of the moonpool and when constructed the pool would be hidden by a floor that could extend or subtract from the sides in to the middle. I have seen countless movies where a moonpool has caused many problems but where a floor could come into great use. This floor wouldn't allow placement of any objects, and would allow the seamoth to be docked with the floor closed. I have seen plans for the prawn suit to have it's legs fold up, while in the moonpool if this feature was activated the prawn suit would also fit with the floor closed. There should also be a second hatch on the outside as a type of emergency hatch to open the floor from the outside. With the floor closed the base strength would increase and with a floor the storage in the prawn suit would be easily accessible and of course repair would be easier.


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