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Mysterious entities that are believed to be related to the Dead Eater.
Type: Fauna.
Attitude: Defensive.
Biome: Dead Zone, Dunes, Blood Kelp Zone, Bulb Zone, Crag Field, Mountains, Sea Treader’s Path, Grand Reef, All Cave Biomes.
Resources: None.
Damage. Punch: 6 damage, Claw: 8 damage, Bite: 18 damage, Peck: 12 damage, Electric shot: 25 damage, Tentacle grab: Pulls target towards it for 7 seconds, Hand grab: Holds target for 8 seconds.
Physical features: Humanoid body & arms, hole in body with rows of teeth in it, six tentacles on the back of the body, humanoid four-fingered hands, hawk-like beak & head, three sets of yellow eyes, three tentacles for feet, darkish brown skin.
1. Shares DNA & abilities with the Dead Eater.
2. Chest hole is covered by a layer of skin, it only shows the hole when it feels threatened.
3. Chest hole contains rows of teeth inside of it.
4. Shows immunity to the alien bacterium Kharaa.
5. Has a psychic aura that messes with the PDA.
6. Backside tentacles for grabbing objects from a distance & help it stabilize itself.
7. Shoots burst of electric shots from their body that home on enemies.

Prey: Biters, Blighters, Lava lizards, Mesmers, River prowlers, Sand sharks, Stalkers, Bleeders, Blood crawlers, Rockgrub, Lava larva, Shuttlebugs & all herbivores fauna except Reefbacks.
Predators: Unknown.
Assessment: Avoid this fauna at all cost.

Story: Dead runners are reborn pieces of the now extinct Dead eater when the Dead eater died from unknown circumstances, pieces of dead skin & muscle pulled together to create Dead runners.

(Note 1: Psychic aura PDA effects below)
1. Right next to the aura field. PDA: Warning strange aura detected, please avoid.
2. Inside the aura field. PDA: What are you? What am I? Why are we here?
3. Closer to the Dead Runner. PDA: Stay away from me!
4. Getting grabbed by the Dead Runner. PDA: I told you to stay away!
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