Alien Vehicle

justi18562justi18562 Join Date: 2017-02-28 Member: 228386Members
As I stated in my New Biome discussion the artic biome could have an entrapped submarine roughly the same size as the cyclops but in the theme of the precursors bases and have new capabilities. The power would have run out and would need an ion matrix to get it running however the trick would be getting it to a point to where you could use it and get it out of the ice. The aliens mastered portals so this vehicle would have been built before those and would master noise suppression while going fast or even possibly have a prototype portal on the ship to teleport the ship itself in specific locations and place a precursor circle that is a mobile teleporter end to come out of. The ship would not have a blueprint to build another but the rings would be easier to build as fragments of it would be in another precursor base of science and technology which would be located between the Aurora and the alien ship.


  • DragoWhoovesDragoWhooves UK Join Date: 2017-05-30 Member: 230836Members
    I like the idea of usable precursor vehicles, perhaps also a Seamoth like precursor vehicle as well (much better depth range),

    I would also think if these new subs are upgradeable it shouldn't be with normal upgrades, rather from a special precursor upgrade module fabricator found in one of the precursor bases
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