BUG [Experimental Build 49867] Abundant Vac-Packs

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I have recently started a new play through of Subnautica in Experimental and have just made it to the Aurora. I have noticed an abnormally large number of Vac-Packs on and around the ship.

For Example:
There are numerous groupings of the crates all over the place causing a high influx of batteries and power cells, frankly too many to realistically use in a single play through. Now I know some people on the forums might say that it isn't that big of an issue, but when I went scavenging and now have a wall locker full of power cells and I still haven't scrounged them all, I think it might be a tad excessive.


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    I'm not sure if this is particularly an issue. I mean the Aurora is a.. mid-game place to visit? I feel like getting all of this is like a reward. A lot of them can be burned up later in the game especially when you're diving down in the depths. I also got a locker full of cells and batteries, but at the same time I'm using them and having all of them allows me to focus my resources on other forms of progression. Still, I'd say slightly too many considering you can charge batteries and cells now. Also, let's not forget about the wrecks around the Aurora that have tons of batteries and power cells as well. I think there needs to be a slight decrease in quantity, but not much.. But that's personal taste. Perhaps a difficulty feature controlling spawn rates?
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