Fix Alien's Whip/OR /Remove its whacking/OR/ idea of a new Kharaa building

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I am speaking about the tentacle whacking animation bug: it endlessly attack the air.
However, the bombard ability feels fine and does not seem to ever attack the air
(or sometimes because it is innacurate which is fine).

To deal with the issue, commander would have to replace the tentacles to make a new
whacking cycle a little later again, until the target is killed (i refer mainly to structures)
I've found out that the whip issue is very old:
it exists since 2014 or something and since it has not been fixed yet,
therefor it handicaps Kharaa commanders on the following points:

-Finishing off a turtling marine base
-Defending RT
-Echo shifting a single or more whip to take down an enemy RT on infestation because bots can't do it by themselves. (or players but it would be sad)

In its current state whip could be really interesting in term of strategy, it would adds extra diversity to the game,
as long as we trust in their actual passion for the shadow-whacking.

Maybe the whip itself has too complex mechanics,
I am not a NS2 dev and I understand that there might be annoying problems concerning the issue,
maybe we could get around the issue by simply remove the whacking,
and make it able to bombard whether it is mature or not, at the cost of less damage/range when immature.

The fact is that most of the time they are kind of a T-res lose.

Last option would be to completly remove it and make a new defensive structure, here are several ideas:

A medium sided jaw on the ceiling which would be able to grab a marine and emprison it on the ceiling,
draining his vitales organs at a moderate rate so marines allies could save him by
hitting it, which would cause the jaw to quickly liberate the solider before hiding itself
(it would desappear shortly for 4-5 seconds making it invincible), then it would be targetable
and its grab capacity would have a 30sec coldoown or so.
We could consider that the jaw have a saliva DEBUFF, inhibiting the capacity of a marine
to regain its armor to an extent, or regenerate its health.
The problem here would be the ceiling detection, it could be a little weird to implement
to the commander experience.

Otherwise, a kind of spider-mini-hive, that would send its multiples little insects to fight the
marines when they approach. (it could be babblers!) The structure could get a modest buff from
a friendly gorge seeding a babbler egg into it, like a little more babbler generation for
a certain amount of time. Insects would apply a DEBUFF as well, because I feel like
there are not enough DEBUFFes in this game (in caps lock): it could be an armor anti-regeneration
too, or limit its reperation rate by xx%.

Notice that most of the structure ideas I gave you are not autonomous, except if the marine is alone
in the jaw case, they would not be able to take out a single marine by themselves, despite
the marines having really bad aim. They are mostly "supportive".

Thanks for the reading, I am still looking for new ideas, considering balance and everything

I'dd appreciate your feedback as well.

TLDR: make Whip great again.
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