17th June 18 CEST . NSL Draft Tournament

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When: Saturday 17th of June at 18 CEST/12EDT

Where: On the TeamSpeak3 Server IP: ensl.org Channel: Draft Tournament

Who: It's open for everyone, so please invite all your friends!

Why: To have a fun, interesting and memorable tournament.

How this works: This event provides an opportunity to play in an organized and competitive setting.
You vote for Captains and these Captains pick from the remaining player pool to assemble teams of 6-8 players.
Atleast 18 players are needed, and the more there are, the better the event!

After the teams are picked, a draft will be created and all matches will be played shortly thereafter. Each match is decided by best of 1 or 2 rounds, with the possibility of more rounds and maps depending on how many players show up.
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