[Outdated Suggestion] Whisper (DNA List)

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Note: This is outdated as of the redesign of the Whisper on August 24th, 2018.
Note II: The dicussion on the Whisper is here: https://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/152088/suggestion-whisper/p1?new=1

-Normal Damage. Slash: 10, Tail Smack: 15, Bite: 21, EMP blast: Temporarily disables electronics, Throw: 15, Ram:18, Fear Gaze: Temporarily stuns its prey.

Phantom Whisper: DNA copying: This includes the traits it can get and which fauna it gets it from. (Each Phantom Whisper can only copy one of the many traits and must stick with it)
*Important Key. 1.>=Uncanon for now (hopefully they get added later) 2. += Physical Features 3. -= Damage/Effects 4. ()= Summary of DNA Trait.
1. Ampeel: Electrical shield (Shocks enemies, and renders the Stasis rifle useless) +Physical Features: Many prongs grow from the back in a circle pattern and generate an electrical current. -Damage/Effects. Shock: Stuns for 7 secs, 10 damage.
2. Bone Shark: Armour (Reduces damage) +Physical Features: A strong exoskeleton made of foreign material forms around the body. -Damage/Effects. Armour: Reduces damage by 6.
3. Crabsnake: Grabbing (Grabbing from a distance) +Physical Features: Three pairs of Crabsnake-like twin claws grow on the spine. -Damage/Effects. Grab: Holds enemies in place for 10 secs.
4. Crabsquid: Attraction (Attracted to light) +Physical Features: Six CrabSquid-like limbs with pincers grow onto the back, and shoulders. -Damage/Effects. Attraction: Light.
5. Crashfish: Explosive Blast (Throwing pieces of explosive matter) +Physical Features: Crimson glowing cracks in the skin will develop. -Damage/Effects. Matter Blast: 21.
6. Lava Lizard: Lava immunity (Immunity to lava) +Physical Features: Molten scar tissue on the back will appear. -Damage/Effects. Immunity: Lava
7. Mesmer: Enhanced mind control (Increase in "Taming" power) +Physical Features: Rainbow Patterns will appear on the arms (Tentacles). -Damage/Effects. Control: Turns enemies into passive fauna to the controller.
8. Reaper Leviathan: Painful grabbing (Increase in painful distant grabbing) +Physical Features: Four Reaper Leviathan-like mandibles will develop on the back. -Damage/Effects. Grab: Holds enemies in place for 15 secs, 6 damage per second.
9. River Prowler: Poison immunity (Immunity to Poison water) +Physical Features: Four River Prowler-like tendrils will develop on the back. -Damage/Effects. Immunity: Poison
10. Sand Shark: Sand ambush (Ambushing from the sand) +Physical Features: Three Sand Shark-like feet will develop on each tentacle as fingers. -Damage/Effects. Ambush: 15 damage.
11. Stalker: Metal Bash (Iron ram) +Physical Features: Four Pairs of Stalker Teeth will develop on the back. -Damage/Effects. Ram: x1.5 damage of ram attack.
12. Boomerang/Magmarang: Enhanced dodging (Easy dodge and counter) +Physical Features: Two pairs of Boomerang-like fins will grow on the arms (Tentacles). -Damage/Effects. Counter: x1.2 damage of attack used by an enemy.
13. Ghost/Crimson Ray: Poison shot (Shooting burst of poison) +Physical Features: Violet glowing cracks in the skin will develop. -Damage/Effects. Hit: 14 damage, Poison Damage: 2 damage per second for 13 seconds.
14. Eyeye/Red Eyeye: Better sight (Farther vision distance) +Physical Features: One pair of oversized eyes will attach to the normal pair of eyes. -Damage/Effects. Further vision: x1.3 further vision.
15. Gasopod: Gas Defense (Gas Pod bombs) +Physical Features: Two gas pods will develop on each hand (Tentacle). -Damage/Effects. Gas Pod: 9 damage per gas pod.
16. Peeper: Speed boost (Increase in speed) +Physical Features: Three pairs of Peeper-like fins will develop on the hands (Tentacles). -Damage/Effects. Speed boost: x1.2 speed.
17. Oculus: Night Vision (Increase in vision in the dark) +Physical Features: Eyes will change to a violet hue of color. -Damage/Effects. Night Vision: x1.3 vision in dark.
18. Reefback: Size Increase (Increase in size) +Physical Features: Holes will develop in the stretched middle section. -Damage/Effects. x2 damage of normal attacks.
19. Sea Treader: Stability (Decrease in knockback) +Physical Features: Three pairs of Sea Treader-like legs will develop on the back. -Damage/Effects. Stability: Reduces attack knockback by 4.
20. Bleeder: Health Regeneration (Healing of damage done) +Physical Features: two pairs of Bleeder-like tentacles will develop on the chest. -Damage/Effects. Drain: Regains health based on how much damage was done to an enemy.
21. Warper: Teleportation (Short distance teleportation) +Physical Features: Development of a pulsating, glowing violet orb inside the body will show. -Damage/Effects. Teleport: Short distance.
22. Ghost Leviathan: Phantom bite (Swiftly, sharp chomp) +Physical Features: three pairs of Ghost Leviathan-like fins will grow on the spine. -Damage/Effects. Bite: 19 damage.
>23. Sunbow Eel: Sun shot (Absorbing and shooting sun energy) +Physical Features: Veins will glow a hue of yellow. -Damage/Effects. Hit: 16 damage.
>24. Night Stalker: Camouflage (Disappearance of the body except for the eyes) +Physical features: Sets of three machete-like claws will develop on each tentacle as fingers. -Damage/Effects. Ambush: 19 damage.
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