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An aggressive creature capable of extracting the infection from other organisms. Shares traits with several leviathan class species.
Type: Fauna [formerly parasite].
Attitude: Passive: Before getting contacted by the Sea Emperor Leviathan, Aggressive: After getting contacted by the Sea Emperor Leviathan.
Biomes: Dunes, Mountains, Grand Reef, Lost River, Northern Blood Kelp Zone, Inactive Lava Zone, Lava Lakes.
Resources: None
Attacks: Tentacle attack: 60 damage, Dash: swiftly dash 10 meters forward, Headbutt: 30 damage.
Physical features: Humanoid body, four tentacles attached to the back, no arms, stubs for feet, hammerhead formation on the head, four eyes, translucent light blue body.
1. Original parasite body located in hammerhead.
2. Shows immunity to the Kharaa bacterium.
3. Shows attraction to biomes that house leviathan class species.
4. Attacks Warpers in its vicinity.
5. Four long tentacles are attached to the spinal cord on the backside.
6. Three-tipped hammerhead to protect against impact to the brain.

Prey: Sea Emperor Leviathan, Warpers, Reaper Leviathan, Ghost Leviathan.
Predators: Warpers.
Assessment: Further research required.

Story: Whispers were parasites developed by the precursor race called Self-Extracting Quarantine Enforcer Units. It was created to attach itself to infected indigenous lifeforms and extract the Kharaa bacterium from them. Unfortunately, it gained sentience over time and learned that it could use the bacterium to its advantage. To combat this, the precursor race changed the program of the Self-Warping Quarantine Enforcer Units to hunt down Whispers and anything it infects.

(PDA Entry Data Entry Below)
>> Indigenous Lifeforms/Fauna/Carnivores/Whisper

An aggressive creature capable of extracting the infection from other indigenous lifeforms. Genetics show similarities to leviathan class species.
1. Hammerhead
Bone extensions to head protect its brain from impact upon headbutting its target.
2. Tentacles
Four cartilaginous limbs attached to spine can deliver severe pressures enough to puncture a vehicle’s hull.
3. Brain
Biomechanical structure located in the head region seemingly allows its short-range warping ability.
Assessment: Further research required

(Dialogue Below)
{ } = Precursor Speech

Radio I: “{-_=!} Target contacted by target: {Emperor} at location: Mountain Islands. Sharing target ID: {RR5} with active allied units {_-!^}”
Radio II: “{-_=!} Target scans show signs of knowledge on location of {Emperor}. Mode: hunting/extracting {_-!^}”
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