Redone Suggestion: Night stalker

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A mysterious creature that ambushes its prey from the dark.
Type: Fauna.
Attitude: Aggressive.
Biome: Blood kelp zone, Dunes, Grassy plateaus, Kelp forest, Mushroom forest, Mountain & All cave biomes excluding Active & Inactive lava zones.
Resources: Night stalker eggs, Night stalker claws.
Damage. Slash: 8 damage, Bite: 16 damage, Throw: 6 damage.
Physical features: Bat-like head, Six orange eyes, Two rows of sharp teeth, Humanoid body, Thin long arms with bat-like flaps for easy gliding in water, Downward facing machete-like claws, Short tail & Dark blue skin.
1. Has a long tail that allows for easy movement & turning when underwater.
2. Has three machete-like claws used to slash & hold its prey.
3. Its six eyes create a bioluminescent glow that lures its prey to it.
4. Contains two razor-sharp rows of teeth used to pierce & rip its prey apart.
5. Bat-like flaps attached to the arms allow easy movement when underwater.
6. Highly poisonous flesh.
7. Known to roam at night.
8. Night stalkers have an instinctive fear of Sunbow Eels & Ampeels.
9. Can mimic the sounds of other fauna.
10. Appear hunched over when in defensive mode or attack mode.
11. Don’t put more than one Night stalker baby in the same alien containment, two outcomes could occur.
11a. Outcome 1: The Night stalkers will eat each other or Outcome 2: They will team up to destroy the alien containment.

Prey: Small fauna.
Predators: Sunbow Eels.
Assessment: Avoid dark areas & carry a flashlight.

New story: Night stalkers are natural fauna of Planet 4546B.

Original story: Night stalkers are another alien species from another planet that was destroyed by unknown means & has adapted to water to survive better on Planet 4546B.

(Note 1: This is the V4 of the Night crawler.)
(Note 2: Here is the original:
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