Redone Suggestion: Sunbow Eel

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A small translucent eel-like creature that uses solar energy.
Type: Fauna.
Attitude: Defensive.
Biome: Lost River, Mushroom forest, Kelp forest, Active lava zone, Bulb zone, Grand reef, Jelly shroom cave, Inactive lava zone, Blood kelp zone.
Resources: Sunbow scales, Sunbow Eel eggs.
Damage. Bite: 12 damage, Light shot: 20 damage, Tail slap: 9 damage.
Physical features: Eel-like body, Crescent moon tail end, four red eyes, Visible endoskeleton, Visible organs, Yellowish translucent body.
1. Absorbs light through its skin & stores the solar energy in a special organ.
2. Shoots the energy from its mouth in a sphere that explodes on contact with anything.
3. Can be tamed by any type of cooked food.
4. After it’s tamed, the Sunbow Eel will follow you & use its projectiles to fend off dangerous fauna.
5. Sunbow Eels are best at fending off Night stalkers until night time.
6. Sunbow Eels are an energy efficient source of light in dark areas.

Prey: All herbivore fauna.
Predators: Crabsquid.
Assessment: Useful for Night stalker infested areas.

(Note 1: This is the V3 of the Sunbow Eel)
(Note 2: Here is the Original:
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