Non-Official Subnautica Club on Xbox One!

xxxL3gitRushxxxxxxL3gitRushxxx United States Join Date: 2016-07-05 Member: 219606Members Posts: 31 Advanced user
Hello Viewers! It's been a very late announcement for the Club, but I would like to introduce the Subnautica Game Community Club on Xbox! We are the most popular Subnautica Club with over 4.3K Members and 5.K Followers! As a former Admin of the Club, we make sure to keep this Club only Subanutica related, where everyone shares their own favorite moments and base designs! We keep our rules very strict on it being Subnautica only posts, and everyone can share there opinions on the Club, however there are some things that can be deleted if these opinions are for Release dates, Any other posts from games other than Subnautica, bad opinions, or just disrespecting!

The Owner DarkNight737, Admins Winkler1984, DeepwaterPie24, Mythica1Wo1f808, and me, xxxL3gitRushxxx, make sure to keep this Club clean, official to Subnautica, and making sure this game grows and the Club! We are very committed to the game and we hope the best for Unknown Worlds!
--- Aaron-San <3


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