Suggestion: Phantom Whisper

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A creature that lives inside the Black Reaper
Type: Fauna? (Could be a Parasite)
Attitude: Aggressive
1. Phantom Whispers have 4 Tentacle-like arms, A three pointed tail, A praying mantis-like face.
2. Phantom Whispers appear to be very humanoid with their heads, arms, and tail.
3. Phantom Whispers have two layers. A translucent body, and a grayish endoskeleton.
4. Phantom Whispers will kill each other for food.
5. Phantom Whispers spawn from dead Black Reapers.
6. Phantom Whispers attack by using their arm claws, swinging their tail, biting, and using EMP Blasts.

Assessment: Avoid Dead Black Reapers.
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