Coding port function bug: (B:46232) using hatch's/ladder's/lockers/interactive objects

DrasusDrasus Join Date: 2017-05-16 Member: 230546Members Posts: 30 Advanced user
Plat: Xb1
Build: 46232 (may have been in prev builds)
Mode: Survival
No Dev console
repeatable action

By comparing videos online users, the PC version doesnt seem to have this problem.
long obj,objref
Onunity.xb.ButtonDown/press (int ID) {
if (ID==xb.buttonA) {
objref = objID.getcursor.object();
.....yada, yada other buttons/axis

Onunity.xb.ButtonUp/release (int ID) {
if (ID==xb.buttonA) {
obj = objID.getcursor.object();
if (obj==objref) {(;}; /// <<XB1 port doesn't seem to check this anymore, causing user to open things behind hatches and going up/down ladders if an object with an action\event\w/e is underneath the cursor gets opened accidentally if the user releases the button </b>
.....yada yada other buttons /axis

obviously, i didn't cite the API this is just a quick synopsis
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