The Cyclops has Inadequate Instrumentation, Defensive and Offensive Capabilities.

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The PC YT videos of the Cyclops updates concern me.

When the Dragon grabs the Cyclops I am often ejected into the water.
This maybe amusing the first time but if the Dragon continues to damage the Cyclops,
the player may not have enough time or O2 at 1.2KM Depth to repair it before it is destroyed.

To pepare for the 'Silent Running' update, I brought the Cyclops below crush depth to practice
Damage Control. I was able effect enough repairs to try to surface but the damages kept cascading and I lost the boat.

It's hard enough to build a base next to the Alien Thermal Plant Entrance without worrying about being
stranded Kilometers away from O2.

I'm whinning.

I'll address the Cyclops Offensive capabilities first;

There are none.

Cowering in the boat, fingers in my ears and eyes shut doesn't work.
The Dragon will continue to attack.
I usually run for the 'Black Castle?' and ground the boat.
Sometimes it goes away, sometimes not.
I'll exit the boat and start building a base.


The Cyclops and the player need a safe haven for SN to be enjoyable at least In my opinion

Can a Sub Pen or Cyclops Moonpool be made available?
Can an Electromagnetic Pulse Agument like the Sea Moth has be made available?


The current collision warnings and available instruments are severly inadequate.

I can't determine the differences between a grounding warning or a conning tower warning.

Spatial awareness while using the cameras is non existent.
Audible warnings from the bridge can't be heard or are over powered by the Cyclops environmental (depends on camera) noise.
Critical instrumentation (depth, etc.) is not availabe while using the cameras.

Can the bridge view become part of the camera rotation?

Bridge View;
While piloting the Cyclops critical information is not displayed.
To navigate safely, I need constant depth under keel and hull clearances indicators.
I would like to have Trim Tanks and a 'Bubble' to indicate bow and stern attitudes.

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