New Biomes - Reversal Zone, Ice Ravine, Depth's Edge

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As some of you may know, it is theoretically possible on a water world for ice to form at the depths of a planet wide ocean, not due to template but because of gravity and pressure. I believe it is called Ice-7, but I haven't studied up on this in a while. Right now, the deepest any vehicle can go is 1700m. But if we were to get another vehicle that can go deeper, I'd like to add another set of Biomes past the Lava Castles.

Reversal Zone - This is the area in which the heat of the Lava Castle begins to subside. Lava still exists here, but is carving a 200m deep cave funneling toward an enrance to the next biome. The walls, ceiling, and floors are made out of Ice-7, but the river is molten magma heating the area. No idea what creature could reside in this biome. To get access here, a special event needs to happen which I'll talk about in a minute.

Ice Ravine - This area is a giant canyon with two rivers - One on the roof, and one on the floor. Air resides at the top of the cavern, even though the player is most likely below 2000 meters at this depth due to surface tension and pressure, creating the same effect in the build able moon-pool. On the floor is the lava that flows down from the Lava Castle. There is a rock cave that leads to the final biome.

Depth's Edge - This Biome is a small rock cavern that at its depths houses a Precursor outpost used for tapping into a large reserve of liquid methane and liquid oxygen - the two materials you need to fuel a rocket to get you off of the planet. Thus, this is a mandatory location to visit if you are ready to leave Subnautica.

The event that I spoke of earlier is a smoke and mirrors effect to hide the existence of the 2nd and 3rd Biomes, similar to the explosion of the Aurora that hides the presence of the wrekage. 2 in-game days after the explosion of the Sunbeam, you should get a message on your PDA suggesting geo thermal tension beneath the planet. After This, 3 days later an earthquake will happen, and your PDA will give you a marker for the epicenter of the quake. If you get to the end of the Reversal Zone before the Quake, there is an Ice-7 wall blocking the path, and a well of lava is pressed against this. If present when the quake happens, a crack forms in the wall, and then the wall collapses, and water pressure equalizes in the two chambers. Lava then flows down into the bottom of the Ravine.


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    I like this idea. Unfortunately will most likely not be implemented. Iv'e given up on new biome ideas because its so close to V1.0 but this is very cool. Also.. PROMOTED!! Gotta love Neebs Gaming. And what a great job on their Subnautica series.
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    Thanks for the Comment! I know it's too close to release for the devs to out it in the game before 1.0, but perhaps afterward in an update or even a mod, as i'd be happy for it to be there. I just want a cold biome set for something different than temperate and molten magma. :)

    Also yes, PROMOTED! I use it for my Origin Picture, but apparently it carries over here and I'm too lazy to do anything about it LOL.
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