Silent Running Update

Captn_MikroCaptn_Mikro Michigan Join Date: 2016-10-22 Member: 223287Members
When's xbox getting this ? looks cool


  • ku5iku5i Budapest Join Date: 2017-01-03 Member: 226036Members
  • CAPSHAWCAPSHAW Nevada Join Date: 2016-09-29 Member: 222692Members
    Yeah its been awhile since we've seen anything new for Xbox. Is our next update just going to be v1.0?
  • DrownedOutDrownedOut Habitat Join Date: 2016-05-26 Member: 217559Members
    CAPSHAW wrote: »
    Yeah its been awhile since we've seen anything new for Xbox. Is our next update just going to be v1.0?

    Chillsies. The Infected update was way back for PC too. Silent Running just has been delayed something like three weeks. Unless technical issues play up again, XB1 should follow in one to two weeks.
  • dork42dork42 Michigan Join Date: 2017-03-30 Member: 229307Members
    Don't worry boys! I went looking back over past updates and the XBOX ones usually drop a week of two later (sometimes 3.) Weve still got at least 2 more content updates ahead of us. Silent Running and then the Primary Containment Facility. After that a couple of months of Performance Optimization. I hope we will be seeing 1.0 before the end of the year.
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    You may want to know that during my playthroughs of subnautica, I can't help but notice that when the player is outside the water, or on the surface of the water, the sun glitches with some sort of black square to which is what I am assuming to be a graphical error, please fix this. All in all its a phenomenal game. I'd say it is the best and most unique survival game I have ever played, even better than ark to its own extents and areas. Also scary when I go down deep and here nothing but quietness and the low rumble of a reaper. Knowing the fact that if I can hear a reaper then it can hear me, is really scary. I LOVE IT :D
  • Aviator1945Aviator1945 Appleton, WI Join Date: 2017-01-02 Member: 225904Members
    I've been holding off on playing this untill it's released. I unfortunately only my XBox One S can run Subnautica at a playable speed. Guess ill have to wait a bit longer. Also, any word on the Ghost Leviathan? I thought it would be in this update but i guess not. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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